Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds Melbourne

Roman blinds are a fantastic window furnishing option, popular for their ease-of-use and refined, understated look. At Ariana Curtains & Blinds, we can make these in a range of styles by using a range of quality curtain and blind fabrics, attached to a special blackout or sheer lining and finished with a plain, tassel fringe or swag base.

With a wide range of patterns in our fabrics, including plain, striped, textured and print, our designs can offer traditional and modern looks alike.

When you get your roman blinds from Ariana Curtains & Blinds, you can expect the following benefits:


  • Formal, classic or contemporary look by using different fabric and pattern
  • Good insulation
  • Especial roman lining with classic roman
  • Wide range of fabrics (plain, stripe, texture, print)
  • Back batten or front batten
  • Cord, chain operation or motorisation
Black Bedroom Roman Blinds
Blockout Roman Blinds
Chain System Operation
Classic Roman & Sunsreen Blinds
Designer Classic Roman Blinds & Pelmets
Hard Blockout Roman Blinds
Plain Finished Roman Blinds
Roman &Georgian Sheer Blinds
Roman & Pelmets
Roman Blinds
Roman Blinds for Girl's Bedroom
Roman Blinds On Sloopy Window
Roman with Tassel Fringe & Pelmets
Roman Blinds & Sunscreen
Romana Blinds with Rope & Tassels
Romans Blinds with Chain Mechanism
Shape Finished Roman Blinds on French Door
Swags Base Roman Blinds
Timber Batton Roman Blinds


When it comes to getting market-leading Roman blinds, Melbourne’s Ariana Curtains and Blinds are the service you can rely on. With over 20 years’ experience providing high-quality, custom-fitted window furnishings, you can count on our ability to make your vision a reality.

Interested in installing Roman blinds? Melbourne homes and businesses can call Ariana Curtains and Blinds on 03 9837 5007 to organise a visit from our mobile showroom. Look through fabric samples, window furnishing designs and related accessories with ease!

We’re able to offer Roman blinds to Melbourne customers in a range of styles and looks. With fabrics in a range of colours, textures and print patterns, we can help find you the perfect, custom-made look for your home’s existing interior design. Whether you’re looking for blinds with modern minimalism or a more ornate, classical look – or anything in between! – we’ll help you find the perfect, tailor-made design during our free measure, quote and consultation.

At Ariana Curtains and Blinds, we’re able to offer chain-operated, cord-operated or motorised Roman blinds. Melbourne customers looking for simple, motorised convenience can rely on us to professionally install motorised units at incredibly market-competitive prices.

So, if you’re interested in the quality, tailor-made and custom-fit Roman blinds Melbourne home and business owners can’t get enough of, call Ariana Curtains and Blinds on 03 9837 5007, request a quote using our handy online form or contact us through